I invite you to read these remarkable stories of what happens when you apply the principles of feng shui to real estate.  

Tim and Louise Bushell

‘At the end of 2016, after owning our beautiful villa in Son Toni, near Pollensa, Mallorca for 14 years, we took the reluctant decision to sell.

We live in the UK so we had to put considerable faith in the estate agent. They not only had to attract potential buyers and arrange viewings. It was also vital that the property looked lived in and attractive during the winter and early spring months.

Apart from handling all the marketing, Susanne and her team used her feng shui skills to arrange all the rooms so they looked lovely and welcoming for potential buyers.

This created lots of interest and as a result we handed over the keys to a new owner in June 2017.

We have no hesitation in recommending Susanne to anyone wishing to sell their property using feng shui principles.’

Maria José Sanchez

‘My apartment was on the market for a long time and I’d had no visits. One day, Susanne suggested I make some changes based on feng shui principles. I had nothing to lose so I agreed.

Susanne came to my apartment and analysed the entrance, each room, the terraces and the laundry. She suggested a list of changes to make, which cost €1000. This turned out to be a very wise investment.

I made the changes and right away the entrance to the apartment was more appealing and the place had a cleaner, more comforting and balanced appearance.

Our property was sold on the second visit, even though I raised the price on Susanne’s recommendation.   We were at the notary arranging the sale within a month.

I definitely recommend Susanne as a feng shui consultant and real estate agent.’

Nina  Braun

‘Because of family and professional changes, I have moved several times in the past few years with my two children aged three and six years old.

Recently, we moved into our own property. It’s a good, reasonably well-equipped apartment. But, for the past five years, the apartment has been rented to vacationers and, at first,  I felt like a guest in transit rather than in my own home.

This is why  I commissioned Susanne to analyse the apartment according to  feng  shui  principles.

Following the rules of  feng  shui  but also bearing in mind our individual needs, Susanne made a careful analysis. During the time she spent in my apartment, Susanne gave me many tips and hints and, a few days later, sent me a detailed analysis.

I’m gradually implementing the changes – some can be made quickly but others take time. Moving furniture, objects and plants is making a real difference but I’m amazed how much there is still to do in an apartment which  feels so much better already. I’m  really curious  as to how the apartment will feel when I’ve made all the changes Susanne suggested.

My kids are also thrilled with their new rooms.

I’m delighted with Susanne’s work and would heartily recommend her as a  feng  shui  consultant’

Klaus Wiegandt

‘For two years I tried to sell my villa by listing it with two large real estate agencies but had no luck. I agreed to try Susanne’s real estate agency exclusively for one year. When Susanne suggested I try using feng shui principles to help sell my villa, I was more than sceptical.

But Susanne was so enthusiastic about feng shui, I became curious and decided to try it.

I sold my property through Susanne’s agency relatively quickly and I’m sure feng shui had something to do with it. I’m a convert!

I would really recommend that anyone who wants a speedy sale of their property ask Susanne about how to optimise your home to the fullest using feng shui.’


Tobias and Stephanie Vogel, London

‘We bought a phenomenal plot in Pollenca to develop a dream property three years ago via Susanne Rodemann from Rodemann& Wood / License partner of Kensington International . The service and advice was very different from what we were used to on the island- open, straightforward, clear and balanced. Building a house is a huge project that requires a wealth of experience and local expertise. Susanne and her team are exceptionally experienced and their service and advice went well beyond the norm. Susanne helped us with the project front to back from day one of the project through upon completion of our villa. She helped us sourcing the best architect, was involved in the planning and design stages of the house, the project management throughout the entire building phase up to the interior design of the house. She worked relentlessly helping us to get the house over the finishing line and it is fair to say without her knowledge and local network this would have not been a smooth ride! Her input, undoubtedly helped by her background as a Feng Shui property specialist, made a huge difference to the finishing touches of the house. She was also very involved with the interior design and furniture of the house and helped us fitting it out in a stunning way!

Susanne is incredibly passionate, client focused, creative and knows how to strike the right balance between getting things done and appeasing the local culture. She supported us relentlessly, stepped in whenever it was needed and even ensured that we could move into house like a hotel upon completion.

We whole-heartedly recommend Susanne and her team for any exciting property project there is.’






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