Retail and office spaces

The experience of being in retail and office spaces is partly about doing business but it also has a lot to do with creating positive energy and a sense of well-being. This is something that needs to be felt by both people who visit a store or office and those who work in the environment.

Whether we’re talking about a retail space or office, people need to feel the energy coming out of it even before they decide to go inside. I can help you create a clear, strong flow of energy to your front and entrance and design pathways that invite customers to follow pathways of chi throughout your space.

I’ll enable you to decide where to place mirrors, align doors, make the most of lighting and choose fragrances that create a good first impression. We’ll also find the ideal place to locate your desks and cash register to harness feng shui energy.

Most of all, we’ll create a space that encourages customers to be curious and explore but also to feel safe and welcome. Once we’ve done an initial optimisation of your store or office, we can go deeper and find your fame area and strengthen it using the fire element of feng shui. We can also strengthen the wood and water elements in the money area.

I’d love to help you optimise your retail space or office. Please get in touch but, first, you might like to read how I used feng shui in my own office.

My story

I rented my office in a great location. I have plenty of window space. People pass by all the time. And that’s exactly what they did! Pass by. After I studied feng shui, I applied its principles to changing all that.

First, I let the energy flow in from the street. Then I placed the right kind of plants at the shop window, not just to give a great impression but also to channel the energy so potential customers will stop and look before walking in. Next, I changed the position of my desks, enhancing the key energy points and dedicated areas so potential clients felt welcomed by a professional real estate agency.

It worked. More people came into my office, my staff became more energised and focused and there is a real feeling of harmony between us.

Feng shui transformed my business and I’d love to do the same for yours.

‘The boss of a large stationery supply company in East London hired us to refurbish their office spaces
and call centres, but on the condition that we did so along Feng Shui principles.’

Declan Curran, Founder, HomeFix Direct




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