Whether you’re building a home, hotel or commercial property from the ground up for yourself or you’re developing real estate to sell or rent, feng shui can make a real difference. I’ll help you make sure you build in the right location and position. Using the feng shui bagua compass map,

I’ll advise you on where to place the entrance, the dining, living room and bedrooms, windows and doors according to current building laws for the best results. I’ll suggest materials, colours, fixtures and fittings throughout that all enhance a sense of abundant healthy energy. A new home, residential real estate development or commercial space built following feng shui principles is far more likely to bring anyone who occupies it great good fortune.

‘We bought a phenomenal plot in Pollenca to develop a dream property three years ago via Susanne Rodemann from Rodemann& Wood / License partner of Kensington International . The service and advice was very different from what we were used to on the island- open, straightforward, clear and balanced. Building a house is a huge project that requires a wealth of experience and local expertise. Susanne and her team are exceptionally experienced and their service and advice went well beyond the norm. Susanne helped us with the project front to back from day one of the project through upon completion of our villa. She helped us sourcing the best architect, was involved in the planning and design stages of the house, the project management throughout the entire building phase up to the interior design of the house. She worked relentlessly helping us to get the house over the finishing line and it is fair to say without her knowledge and local network this would have not been a smooth ride! Her input, undoubtedly helped by her background as a Feng Shui property specialist, made a huge difference to the finishing touches of the house. She was also very involved with the interior design and furniture of the house and helped us fitting it out in a stunning way!  

Susanne is incredibly passionate, client focused, creative and knows how to strike the right balance between getting things done and appeasing the local culture. She supported us relentlessly, stepped in whenever it was needed and even ensured that we could move into house like a hotel upon completion.

We whole-heartedly recommend Susanne and her team for any exciting property project there is.’

Tobias and Stephanie Vogel, London




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Via Pollentia 9

07460 Pollensa

Mallorca. Baleares