Most of us are constantly trying to overcome the challenges we face in our lives and improve our quality of life. We try to live in a healthy, positive way – exercising regularly, eating well and maybe practising mindfulness. Some of us go to therapists, counsellors and psychologists.

But we always come home. And our homes are a manifestation of ourselves. If we do feel life is a struggle, our home will reflect this. The simple truth is you can’t heal or renew yourself without changing your home.

Which is where feng shui comes in.

I can work with you to identify the factors in your home that are contributing to the specific challenges you and your family face in your lives.

Your home will become a space of perfect harmony, where everything is balanced and optimised. For example, you will be able to sleep deeply and awake revitalised in your bedroom. Your children’s rooms will enhance their energy levels.

If you feel that one of your family’s problems is that you don’t have enough of a social life, or don’t spend enough time together as a family, I can turn your kitchen into a truly inviting space in which to be.

There are so many ways I can help you heal your home with feng shui.

‘I’m delighted with Susanne’s work and would heartily recommend her as a  feng  shui  consultant.’

Nina Braun






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